DAM and the experiments

I redesigned the dental dam along with a collection of sex toys focusing on innovating from a queer perspective. Dental dams are a sheets of latex used to protect against the transmission of STIs through oral vaginal and oral anal sex primarily marketed towards queer women. They were originally used for oral surgery, but were coopted by queer women during the AIDS epidemic. They have never been designed for their purpose or tested as to their effectiveness. 

Watch me present

short doc by Pamela Abreu



gathered 23 LGBTQIA+ artists to design nail decals for folx with short nails ;) The collective was started to create manicure parties, making space for sober, platonic queer intimacy. The LGBTQIA+ community has significantly higher rates of  alcoholism and drug addiction because there are few spaces for us to gather without it.


Roam can be assembled and transformed from a twin to a full in under ten minutes by one person and without tools. It it weighs less than twenty five pounds and can fit in the back of a Uber XL. It was made for young New Yorkers, moving from sublet to sublet.